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Solstice Sun Meditation

posted Jun 27, 2011, 8:59 AM by Claramarie Burns

The longest day of the year is a good time to meditate on the sun’s energy, practice Sun Salutations, and bask – a beautiful day to breathe in light.

Find a quiet place to sit outside where the sun falls on your closed eyelids. Sit a few minutes, breathing naturally, and soak up the light. Visualize the sunlight filling your whole body, as if your body were a transparent bottle, now shining with the sun’s light. When you’re ready – keep it short enough to not get a sunburn! – move to a shady spot to sit quietly, bringing your body-bottle of sunlight with you. Sit, breathe, and enjoy your inner sun radiance for as long as you need to energize and relax deeply.

To finish, make an inward gesture of thanks to the sun, sealing your practice with gratitude – and bring sunshine to everyone and everything you encounter today.