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Enjoy Change

posted Mar 16, 2010, 6:21 AM by Claramarie Burns
Daylight savings shifted our days to light-filled evenings, and for a while, darkened early mornings.  Adjustment to change can be challenging, leaving us all a little disoriented for a few days till the body clock gets the idea.  We can rely on the breath to carry us through minor and major changes - our breath is trustworthy, and breathing deep and well brings us back to the constant stability of our true nature.  

This week, whenever the unexpected tips us away from our natural responsiveness and balance, check in to the breath and get a break.  We can be calm, flexible, alert, and enjoy what comes our way when we center in the flow and ebb of energy, riding on our breath.  Always with us, always available, a seaworthy boat on choppy seas, the breath carries us through with colors flying - the colors of serenity and joy.