Monica is currently pursuing further educational opportunities!

Monica Leotta, CYT, a local soprano and Music Together teacher, discovered Yoga after earning her Masters of Music from the University of Denver. Yoga has enhanced her singing career, helping her to find breath even in the most difficult situations, and has served her in many other areas of life as well. Her love of teaching children has served as a reminder that humor and love are essential to growth, and she is excited to share this practice with others.

Monica graduated from the University of Denver in June of 2009 with a Master of Music degree.  While studying opera at DU she was chosen two summers in a row to sing in Italy with both the International Institute for Vocal Arts in Chiari and the International Lyric Academy in Viterbo.  After graduation, Monica began teaching with Music Together in Denver, as well as offering voice lessons for adults at her own studio.   In August 2009 she began her training at Whole Yoga and received her certificate in December.  Monica is a student of Rishi Maha Mandaleshwar Sri Shambhavananda.