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Translation Projects

Wild Garden Yoga is currently working on an accessible, non-scholarly translation of Spanda-karikas, translated in the edition by Jaideva Singh as The Divine Creative Pulsation.  A core text of Kashmir Shaivism, this work describes divine consciousness as

                ". . . active, dynamic, throbbing with life, creative pulsation."
                                                                (Singh, Spanda-karikas, Preface).

Excerpts will be posted on this site as they become available.

वृत्तय: पञ्चतय्य: िक्लष्टािक्लष्टा: ।५।
The motions of the the mind are five-fold; they may be harmful or helpful.

प्रमाणििवपर्ययोिवकल्पिनद्रास्मृताय: ।६।
They are: knowledge, ignorance, imagination, deep sleep, and memory.