About Us

Learn hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation classes at studios and wellness centers in Denver, Colorado. Visit our classes page for a class list and descriptions.  We also offer one-time and/or ongoing individual instruction and yoga therapy sessions.

Share a vision of yoga on and off the mat - find a firm ground of physical & mental health through personal awareness of your body and its systems. Cultivating awareness of our being, we gradually discover our inter-connectedness with the natural and social worlds, allowing us to develop peace, integrity, & wellbeing in ourselves, our communities, & our environment. To learn more about our vision of community, visit The Wild Garden.

Practice @Wild Garden Yoga gives the body a break, a time of doing something utterly wholesome, allowing us to feel good in a way that is without deception, without a hidden cost. Feeling truly good, even for a few minutes a day, can change our lives. 
Yoga is within everyone's grasp.  It requires no special abilities, and knows no boundaries of age or health - only the desire to experience life more truly, freeing the mind and body from mistaken ideas.  Yoga provides a valid context in which to resolve emotional and mental distress.  Hatha Yoga, breathing, and meditation give us access to our innate ability to solve our problems, allowing us to become stronger, more independent, and happier people.

Find Resources for yoga and permaculture - visit our Sanskrit page, yoga resource list, and wild garden resource list for valuable reading suggestions and information. Discover traditions & individuals rich with wisdom & practical teaching.

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