The Wild Garden

What is a wild garden? 

Forest, horticulture, abundance - a natural place to grow, drawing on natural diversity  and the care offered by nurture.  At Wild Garden Yoga, practice finds expression in community awareness and sustainable local gardening. We aspire to create community through shared community permaculture projects. Explore our reading list and consider how neighborhood permaculture might enrich your practice.  Our vision: to create wild gardens in our community, reaching those who live and work nearby through the very oldest human interaction: our relationship to plants, animals, wildness.

Human needs are human needs, and having access to  necessities of life, such as clean air, nutritious food, & clean water, along with a positively reinforcing, stable, nurturing, and non-violent environment, is demanded for our mental & physical health, our evolutionary fitness, and hence the species' survival itself. -- Zeitgeist: Moving Forward 

Vietnamese Zen gardens are seriously unserious. For us, the whole world is contained in this peaceful place. All activities unfold in true peace in the garden: in one part, children will be playing, and in another part, some elderly men will be having a chess game; couples are walking; families are having picnics; animals are free to wander around. Beautiful trees are growing next to abundant grasses and flowers. There is water, and there are rock formations. All ecologies are represented in this one microecology without discrimination. It is a miniature, peaceful world. It is a beautiful living metaphor for what a new global ethic could bring. -- Thiuch Nhat Hanh, Creating True Peace

These gardens represent a new landscape, one that provides for people as well as for the rest of nature...They are places where conscious design has been melded with a respect and understanding of nature's principles. The result is a living and riotously abundant landscape in which all the pieces work together to yield food, flowers, medicinal and edible herbs, even craft supplies and income for the human inhabitants, while providing diverse habitat for helpful insects, birds, and other wildlife. -- Toby Hemingway, Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

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